SOBEK Automotive –  partner to the high-performance segment of the automotive industry

Who we are

Our philosophy

SOBEK Automotive specializes in high-quality performance products focusing on engineering services, prototype development and small series production. We are more than a supplier. We consider ourselves as partner to the high-performance segment of the automotive industry.  Your project is our project and we assume responsibility for your success.

This is our philosophy. Proven for 40 years now.

The initial roots of our company as well as our main strengths today center around the motorsports industry with their special demands on high-performance materials and flexibility. We know, work in the high-performance automotive segment does not mean to just add on a sportive element to a serial car. Both, the motorsports industry and the high-performance automotive segment do have high requirements on high-quality and unique engineering of components.

We are your partner when time is critical. While regular suppliers still remain in the first steering committee you have our first prototype in your hand. Which boat do you choose to reach the coast first? The tanker or the speed boat? We are your speed boat.

Company presentation

Our values

Our values are our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Zero leakage check valve

Manufacturing of hoses

Electric adjustable mixing valve

Compound (hose/pipe) system

ECU for oil pump

Heat protection sheating

High-performance impeller

MTF cooling

Mechanical water pump


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