SOBEK Automotive –  partner to the high-performance segment of the automotive industry


No matter which stage of development we are working for you and your project. In the brainstorming phase, in the CAD design process, in the production of prototypes or in the manufacturing process. Whether for individual parts or complete systems.

We organize, develop, produce, edit and configure until we find the right solution for you. We push technical possibilities to the limit.

We approach the entire process chain from system design and system development to system integration, customized to the business processes of the customer. Our specialists develop according to your requirements and specifications. Typically it is about:

  • confined space 
  • performance data
  • mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • integration of several components in a new product
  • special additional functionality
  • higher reliability or redundancy

We deliver high-quality solutions in a pragmatic, agile and efficient way. Find out how you can benefit from our wide-ranging experience for your project.



Zero leakage check valve

Manufacturing of hoses

Electric adjustable mixing valve

Compound (hose/pipe) system

ECU for oil pump

Heat protection sheating

High-performance impeller

MTF cooling

Mechanical water pump


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