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Products speak louder than words: Our References

The following references are only a small excerpt from our projects. Because after all, much of what we are developing is confidential and exclusive.

Mixing valve_4Electric adjustable mixing valve

Development of a valve and a BLDC motor with BUS-protocol to control the cooling water circuit

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Compound_3 Compound system

Design and manufacturing of an oil circuit compound system (hose/pipe combination) under pre-determined conditions for small batch series

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ECU_1ECU oil oump

Development and production of a demand-controlled ECU for a BLDC oil pump drive

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Range of services

We provide prototype development and prototype fabrication services to support our clients with their product development processes. We work closely with the client to engineer the product, produce prototype drawings, and deliver prototype hardware. Our services consist of:

  • Preliminary examinations and tests during the development phase
  • Mounting and commissioning of assemblies and complete devices
  • Mechanical production of housing designs, fixtures, gauges etc.
  • Production of testing equipment
  • Preparatory and support work for series production


Zero leakage check valve

Manufacturing of hoses

Electric adjustable mixing valve

Compound (hose/pipe) system

ECU for oil pump

Heat protection sheating

High-performance impeller

MTF cooling

Mechanical water pump


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